HashQuark Received over 30,000 ETH to Set Up 1,000 ETH2.0 Validators!

At 10:00 am on November 24, 2020, Beijing time, the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address has reached the minimum requirement of 524.288 ETH for the genesis block to start-which means that Ethereum 2.0 will be launched as scheduled on December 1.

At this historic moment, we are honored to announce to you that EtherPocket Pro, our new product focusing on the Ethereum2.0 ecosystem has now received over 30,000 ETH to set up 1,000 Ethereum 2.0 validators!

Ever since early this year, we have made the ETH2.0 products series a key layout in our major businesses. With our newly released enterprise-level EtherPocket Pro, users can easily set up EHT2.0 validators and manage their validators in a visualized way.

In EtherPocket Pro we also have a claim settlement program to guarantee the enhanced security of user assets.

Our website: https://www.hashquark.io

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