HashQuark Partners with Injective as a Genesis Validator

Asian leading infrastructure service provider HashQuark is partnering with Injective to become a genesis validator.

HashQuark is part of the HashKey group, acting as a major validator for projects such as Polkadot, Klaytn, and Kusama. HashQuark is backed by Qiming Venture Partners which is known as an early investor of Xiaomi and TikTok creator ByteDance.

HashQuark has begun developing a diverse array of blockchain infrastructure businesses starting since 2018, creating value while safeguarding the security of proof-of-stake-backed blockchains by way of node operation. With the help of its extensive industry resources, HashQuark has rapidly grown to become one of the largest infrastructure service providers.

“HashQuark’s partnership with Injective demonstrates our long-term belief in the Injective team and vision. We are excited to work with this promising project to provide secure infrastructure services as always, paving the way for a more enabling blockchain ecology,” said Leo Li, CEO of HashQuark.

HashQuark will play a significant role moving world as Injective Protocol continues to expand Injective’s presence globally.

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