Deep into Cartesi Machine

  • Deterministic: Deterministic means that the virtual machine can provide the same output for a certain set of inputs.
  • Isolable: Smart contracts need to run in a completely isolated environment.
  • Terminable: Ethereum smart contracts are Turing complete, which uses a “gas” limit to terminate smart contracts that exceed the execution limit.
  • Fast, efficient, and portable: By leveraging common hardware capabilities, WASM code can run at near-native speeds on different platforms.
  • Readable and debuggable: WASM is a low-level language, but it has a human-readable text format, which allows coding and debugging by humans.
  • Stay safe: WASM is restricted to run in a secure sandbox execution environment. Like other web code, it follows the browser’s same-origin policy and authorization policy.
  • Do not break the network: WASM is designed to live in harmony with other network technologies and maintain backward compatibility.
  • Supports a wide range of programming languages.
  • Allows execution of complex computational logic without worrying about gas costs.
  • The state transfer on the chain contains the virtual machine state information, which ensures that the execution of the program in the virtual machine can be perfectly reproduced.



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